Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Michael Johns to Appear Today on Sirius Satellite, Speaks Optimistically of State of Conservatism in Blog and Podcast Interviews

Conservative political leader and writer Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, will appear on Sirius Satellite's "Blog Bunker" show today from 5pm to 6pm EDT to discuss the state of the 2008 United States Presidential election and the public policy issues of the respective campaigns. The Sirius show, hosted by Joe Salzone, is available globally on Sirius Satellite's Indie Talk Channel 110.

Also this week, Johns provided an extensive interview to Arizona's most widely-read political blog, Sonoran Alliance, and the June 23, 2008 episode of the recently-launched Grizzly Groundswell, a global podcast. In both interviews, Johns argues that, despite significant and understandable voter angst, American conservatism is providing thoughtful policy solutions to the vast challenges confronting the nation, including the global war against Islamic extremism, American economic challenges, the mounting global petroleum shortage, and others.

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