Thursday, August 28, 2008

Government, Not Free Markets, is the Real Impediment to Quality Health Care Access

Health care executive and Republican strategist Michael Johns today said that Democratic Presidential nominee Barrack Obama's plan to vastly expand the role of the federal government in American health care is likely to reduce, not increase, competitive pressures among health care payers, resulting in a reduction of quality health care access and potentially even the ultimate rationing of health care services, as has happened in other countries with similar nationalized health care systems.

On the other hand, the health care plan of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, Johns said, will greatly expand consumer engagement and competitive market forces in health care, leading to enhancements in the quality of care, access to care, and a reduction of overall health care costs.

Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, will discuss his support for McCain's health care plan prior to Obama's acceptance speech this evening, from 7:30pm EDT/4:30pm PDT to 9pm EDT/6pm PDT on The Warren Michaels show. The broadcast can be heard globally, both live and through archived replay, at: The Warren Michaels show, August 28, 2008 broadcast.

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Michael Phelps's Girl said...

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Michael Phelps's Girl said...

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Anonymous said...

Socializing health care, or anything, merely transfers costs to others. This inherently increases total system costs, since natural resource constraints on use disappear.

America needs serious discussion on how to tackle real cost drivers, such as legislative mandates coupling health insurance with employment, licensure restrictions to performing services, and predatory litigation that drives liability costs higher.

Politicians continue to talk to us like we're children, incapable of understanding reality; perhaps most politicians don't understand what's going on either? But this nonsense of transferring costs as a savior to our system is insane!